I. Workshops 

The Miradas al Fotolibro meeting offers the possibility of participating in a free, prior selection, in one of the two online workshops that will be held from Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 August 2020: 

  •   Photobook and archive as a contemporary artistic practice  

     By: Eunice Adorno

  • The photobook on the 2020 scene: concepts and materialities 

     By: Mariela Sancari




  1. Register at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/2/d/1hTcnUOCAa4OoI5RxaAa8EUL9FW0CGbAbc1M1KvJELb0/edit

   2.  Attach portfolio that includes semblance (half a page) updated that does not exceed 50 MB.


The file must not contain accents, signs or special characters (ñ, commas, parentheses, etc.), and will be named as follows: name-lastname_postulaciontalleresMF2020.pdf 

   3. If you have a photobook or model, attach them in another pdf file. If you have a photobook idea, submit a description or proposal.


The file should not exceed 50 MB, and will be named as follows: firstname-lastname_maquetatalleresMF2020.pdf 


Note: Only files in the formats indicated will be received. Files will not be received via WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar.